Peeking out of the Cave 5

Sorry I’ve been missing in action the last few days. I’ve not only got a new editor, but I’m working on a new story for a contemporary erotic novella. So I’ve jumped into my writers’ cave and am thrashing it out.

Being a novella length, it shouldn’t take me too long, then I’ll be back to working on the sequel to Personal Protection.

I’ve lined up a new feature for the blog post starting in September. Since the Hauberk series follows characters within the security industry, I’ve been contacting people I know who can offer tips to keep you safe in real life. First up (On September 1st, or August 31st for those of you who receive my newsletter) is Kathy Bennett, who is not only a writer, but also a Los Angeles police officer. Here’s a peek into her bio:

Her primary duties, in addition to street patrol, are to be a liaison between the citizens of Los Angeles and the LAPD. She educates and assists the community in crime prevention and quality of life issues. In 1997 Kathy was honored being named Officer of the Year.

Then on Wednesday, MJ Fredrick is my guest blogger. So keep checking in every day. Don’t forget that every time you leave a comment you qualify for my end of the month Reader’s Appreciation draw. This month’s winner will be announced tomorrow.

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