Yesterday I wrote how cold it was overnight and complained that Mother Nature didn’t seem to realize that fall hadn’t started yet, that it was still summer. Well, the contrary bitch gets the last laugh – tomorrow,the weathermen tell me, the first day of fall is going to be hot and humid and we’re going to need to kick off our blankets and turn on the a/c.  Figures.

Ooops. Major boo-boo. I posted that I’d be at the Samhain Cafe tonight because it’s Banned Book week.  It isn’t.  BBW is next week. So join me NEXT Monday, the 28th.

Leah’s Soapbox – tonight at six p.m.
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One thought on “Leah’s Soapbox – tonight at six p.m.

  • September 21, 2009 at 8:34 am

    It amazes me what people waste their time doing like trying to kill personal choice in other people's reading materials. (Shaking my head). I was raised by a mother who got me an adult library card when I was 9 so I could read whatever I wanted to. At the time it was the teenage section for Nancy Drew and some of those old mystery books. I read Agatha Christie at 11. I remember the Librarian's face when I walked up with Ten Little Indians and a Phyllis A Whitney book – Domino. She tried to talk me out of reading them. LOL. I turned out great. I've never even gotten a parking ticket so there blows their 'saving young minds' theory. LOL. I'm against banning books. I'll drop by tonight. Count me in!

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