Aw man, it’s been a crazy-busy day today that’s just flown past. I’m sorry I never got the Twitter post up – I’m going to have to schedule it for Friday. Tomorrow I’ve got guest blogger JK Coi, on Wednesday Skylar Kade’s dropping by, on Thursday it’ll be October 1st which means it’s time for my Protect Yourself blog. So Friday – I promise I’ll have the Twitter 201 post for you up on Friday!

Oh, and I’ll be announcing the winner of Cat Johnson’s Rough Stock tomorrow as well! You still have a few hours to leave a comment on her post from last Wednesday.

Congratulations to Karin (Pianosong) and Hockeyvampiress who won for stopping by at the Samhain Cafe and were such good sports while Inez and I played silly devils over there tonight. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Banned Book Week event.

Where the heck did the day go?
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