6 thoughts on “Break out the Tissues

  • Leah Braemel

    The original text at the end is in Korean, so they've added in the English translation which says "You can shine".

  • Tera Kleinfelter

    Oh, I can't help it guys….LOL. It didn't touch me, since I've played the violion since I was ten. If they were really playing, I would get into it more, but since they're really not playing, I just can't. =P

  • Leah Braemel

    LOL, Tera, it's okay.

    My youngest son played Suzuki Method Violin for six years. His instructor made me learn too – I have a tin ear, I HATED the frickin' violin and I was the one in tears every night it was time to go for a lesson.

    I was so glad when he gave up the violin and moved on to the flute, the sax and the guitar. (He does NOT have my tin ear, thankfully for him, and the neighbors.)

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