Sorry I’ve been away for a couple days–I was in Toronto all day yesterday attending a workshop put on by Toronto Romance Writers‘ featuring RITA award winning author and Red Sage editor Alicia Rasley. Alicia was talking about “story glue”, the elements that bind a story together from first page to last and keep a reader reading.

Afterwards, I had a chance to talk with her at a reception. One of the things we talked about was the differences between Canadian, English and American grammar word usage. I mentioned the blog post I did the other day about the word palaver.  Alicia confirmed it is a British word. The one thing serious writers learn is to listen when an editor tells you something. So my usage of palaver in my work-in-progress will be changed out to “chatted idly” or some other stronger words because if I’m writing from a Texan’s point of view, I shouldn’t be having him using a Britishism without a damned good reason.

Lori Armstrong/Lorelei James

Back in July, I hosted one of my favorite Samhain authors, Lorelei James on my blog. You may remember that I mentioned that Lorelei also writes mysteries under the name Lori Armstrong.

On Friday night, Lori’s 4th book in her Julie Collins mystery series, Snow Blind, won the SHAMUS award for best paperback original of 2008 at Bouchercon, the annual mystery writers’ conference (it’s the equivalent to what the RITA is for romance writers). Previous winners of the Shamus are Sue Grafton, Robert Crais and Harlan Coben, amongst other big names.

Samhain sure attracts talented authors, don’t they?

Rubbing Elbows with Famous Writers

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  • October 18, 2009 at 11:14 am

    The guys around here would be shooting the bull with the waitress buttering her up.

  • October 18, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I meant to congratulate Lori as well. Can't wait to read Snow Blind.

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