Smokin’ Hot 2

Remember that firefighter calendar Nika posted on Wednesday?  Well, guess what? There are two firefighter calendars out this year in Toronto. I wish I’d been at Ashbridges Bay the day they were doing this photo shoot …  these gentlemen are hot enough to start a fire through spontaneous combustion.

Like the one Nika mentioned, this calendar is also done for charity (buy it here – either online or to find a location near you)  The proceeds for this one go to Princess Margaret Hospital – one of the premiere cancer hospitals in not only Canada but in the world.  These folks deserve our support, and not only because they successfully treated Gizmo Guy’s mom’s cancer a decade or so ago.

(And even if you aren’t in Canada, or can’t buy one? Enjoy the scenery, ladies. These fellas are smokin’ hot!)

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