Looking for something to warm up your winter, or celebrate the summer heat Down Under? Vivian Arend and Lexxie Couper are spanning the globe to bring you two stories that are sure to make you sweat. Viv and Lexxie are both members of International Heat, and while their stories are not connected in anyway, they happen to have drawn the same release day at Ellora’s Cave.

What better reason to get together to celebrate?


I’m very excited to be able to have Claiming Derryn available to you. This is my first futuristic novella, my first m/m/f, and my first release from Ellora’s Cave. Claiming Derryn is about three friends–and lovers during their days at the Space Institute–who were suddenly separated. Now rejoined in the midst of a rebel uprising, the lines between the good guys and the bad are extremely blurred. Surviving is going to be tough even as they find love. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen Star Trek’s ‘The Trouble with Tribbles‘ you’ll understand when I say the ‘sharysa‘ are my salute to Star Trek.

It’s a hot, wild ride through the galaxy. Be prepared for a passion that’s out of this world.


There must be something seriously wrong with me. I love writing stories that are dark and twisted, quite disturbing and full of wild dangerous sex. Enter Timeless Wrath. I wrote Timeless Wrath years ago and it was previously released as a novella called Deadly Sins: Anger. It won numerous awards (including the JERR Silver Star Award) but remained unknown to the reading public. However Evron and Ricki’s tale DEMANDED to be heard and, after quite a lot of rewrites, my most erotic book to date comes to you from Ellora’s Cave.

Timeless Wrath has just about everything you’d expect in a Lexxie Couper book – lots of explosive sex, tormented heroes, lots of wild sex, a villain that’ll scare the pants right off you, lots of passionate sex and a love story fated by the Highest of Powers (oh, and lots of sex. Did I mention that?)

I should warn you though. Timeless Wrath isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s violent, at times scary and has been known to cause nightmares…and wicked, wet dreams 🙂

**Leah here:  I’m trying something new today.  A few weeks back I asked whether you wanted excerpts included or not.  Everyone liked them, but a few of you reminded me that you read my blog at work and some of the excerpts are definitely Not-Safe-For-Work.  So in order to ensure you have the choice of reading the excerpt without getting in trouble with your boss, I’ve created a new page — Leah Braemel Excerpts where you can read them whenever you’re ready. While you can leave a reaction, you won’t be  able to leave a comment there — comments will have to be entered here. That way I can control entries for contests, as well as ensure everyone (including my guests) can follow the threads without having to jump around. **

Excerpt from Claiming Derryn

Snippet from Timeless Wrath


Caught your interest? Raised your temperature? Come and see the official blurbs and read longer excerpts at Ellora’s Cave. Both books are now available.

Claiming Derryn by  Vivian Arend

Timeless Wrath by Lexxie Couper

Don’t forget to visit International Heat reader’s group Heat Wave

Claiming Vivian Arend and the Timeless Lexxie Couper

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  • February 12, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Claiming Derryn – FANTASTIC! Loved it to pieces!!!

    Timeless Wrath – I can't wait to load it onto my reader!!!!

    Congrats you two!!!

    And Leah, the excerpt idea is great!

  • February 14, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Congrats to both of you Vivian and Lexxie! Many happy sales 🙂

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