Curly’s evolution

Hmm, no curls there.
Okay, so Gizmo Guy has a few curls, but Curly wasn’t Curly back then.

Ah! There they are!

They’re still there, but they’re harder to find now

Can you believe how much he grew that year?
And what the heck happened to his curls–yes, that haircut made me very sad.

Formal for an orchestra recital
(he plays violin, flute, saxophone & guitar)
Yay, the curls are back!

Back at Disneyworld, stealing Pooh’s honey!
(Yes, I made the requisite joke about him having his hand in a honeypot)
Yes, he’s very sweet. As these girls discovered 😉

Hmm, they’re not so sweet to be pushing him to the back …
Maybe because his curls are gone again?
Happy Birthday, Curly
Now no one will question how you got your nickname on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Curly’s evolution

  1. Happy birthday Curly. I forgot about that trip where he spent the time with all the ladies. LOL! I remember you telling me about it. Hehehe.

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