Texas Tangle at RT 3

OMG fellow Carina Press launch author Carrie Lofty (who will be a guest here on my blog in June) just Twittered a link to her Facebook fanpage that included some photos from the Romantic Times convention.  And what did I find there?  Go here to find out.   See the photos with the big Carina Press banner? OMG was that ever thrilling to see Texas Tangle’s cover up there, and it’s so frickin’ huge!  It’s beautiful. I want one of those banners for my office!

Oh, and while you’re over there, if you have a Facebook page, take the time to “like” Carrie Lofty. She’s a terrific writer! I can’t wait until she visits my blog on June 8th!

And just to keep you interested in the slightly-under-two-months before Texas Tangle is released, here’s a sneak peek at an image I’m using in the book trailers we’re making. (Yes, book trailers, plural. Each character is getting their own trailer.)

Meet Brett…

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