Going Once…Going Twice… 3

You may be seeing author Brenda Novak’s Online Auction For Diabetes Research  mentioned on a lot of blogs, but with Gizmo Guy’s diabetes diagnosis last December, diabetes research became just that much more imperative to us.  Brenda’s son has Type I diabetes which is different from GG’s Type II but still, diabetes can kill. And blind. And has all sorts of other nasty side effects.  So go over to Brenda’s annual auction and see all the things people have generously donated to help raise money to beat this nasty condition. Then let the bidding commence.

3 thoughts on “Going Once…Going Twice…

  • Lori

    I make bids every year, but am usually totally outbid on all the high-end stuff. Bummer that. But last year, I did win a couple baskets of books. I think it's so wonderful, and she has raised so much money.

    As the only one in my immediate family (parents/siblings) that hasn't been diagnosed with diabetes, and having 2 friends who grew up back in the day with juvenile diabetes, it's definitely a cause close to me. I'm placing my bids this year.

  • Julia Smith

    My dad and two siblings had Type I, which definitely took its toll. But ongoing research has also made living with diabetes an entirely different thing than it once was. Glad to see that Brenda Novak's auction is doing so much to help.

  • flchen1

    I'm definitely watching a bunch of items; I've been outbid on most of them, but there are a few weeks of fun left… Hope I can afford to win some 🙂 Glad Brenda's organized this for such an important cause!

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