Distractions 4

Gah. I’ve always heard things happen in threes. And I’ve generally found it to be true, especially with unpleasant events.  Well, two unpleasant things have happened in the last three weeks, and I find myself now on tenterhooks wondering just what that third bad thing will be and when it’ll show itself. So while I’m stressing out wasting my energy worrying about things that may never happen, here’s a video that made me smile.  Why did it catch my attention? Because the cat in it looks just like Spike. Who couldn’t mother anyone considering he’s a male. (The color of his nose is reversed — the black spot on this cat’s nose is pink on Spike’s–the pink is a black stripe, too. I’d never realized cats noses could be two different colors before I met Spike) Anyway, have a watch, as I said, it made me smile.

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