….I was writing Texas Tangle, I set up a play list to keep me in a ‘country’ mood — amongst other artists the list included Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Faith Hill and her delicious hubby, Tim McGraw.  One of my favorites that got me humming along every time was Tim’s Back When.

(You may or may not be able to see the lyrics, the guy who did the video says it depends upon your screen, but they’re damned near impossible to read on my high def 22 inch monitor. Guy needs to learn that red–or yellow–are not recommended for text on videos. Oops, sorry, went off on a rant again.)

To get back on track, yesterday I was reading a blog about what “kids these days” call condoms — where my generation used to call them rubbers…although to me a rubber will always be an eraser. And a thong? They’re what you wear on your feet at the beach. Well, maybe not this sparkly pair.

I’ve blogged before about how my critique partners have to check my writing to weed the Canadianisms out. (Remember my story of how I originally had Jodi from Private Property tugging on a toque and one of my critique partners thought she was putting some sort of French pastry on her head?)

Today is the first day of Canada’s Victoria Day weekend, that many of us Canadians call the May 2-4 (as in two-four) weekend, and that’s not just because it generally falls around the 24th of the month. Do you know what it means?  Got any terms from way back when that have a totally different meaning than when you used them? Or got any colloquialisms from your area you want to share? Or ones that an author has attributed to your area or era that aren’t right?

Way back when…
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  • May 22, 2010 at 7:39 am

    I come from the mountains, we have more sayings than fleas on a dog. However not everyone appreciates them. One example is in my romantic comedy JINXED, Frannie calls her Christmas tree a female.

    Now, if I said that(and I have) to friends, they nod and we go on. My first CP had no clue what I was talking about. I thought, hmmm, opportunity knocking here. So I explained it in the book. It made for a small comedy bit that people loved. Readers quoted that line and laughed. To me, it was normal conversation with a mountain flavor but hey, I am not above milking my heritage!

    FYI: female Christmas tree = no balls, all other ornaments but no Christmas balls.

  • May 22, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    1– Love those sparkly flip flops!

    2– When I hear someone say "Rubber" I always think of a rubberband LOL!

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