Forgotten Treasure 5

I was in a chat with Vivian Arend yesterday as we were plotting out my next FIVE books. Yes, you read that right. 5. Five. According to “” that’s “pet” in Croatian, cinque in Italian, cinco in Spanish, Pięć in Polish, and vijf in Dutch. (Are those right?)  These five are in addition and unrelated to Chad’s story–the next in the Hauberk series–as well as the two Hauberk stories I have planned to follow that.Yes, I know, I’m insane. But Viv figures she’s busy, so I should be too. (Actually she said it with a bit more colorful language, but you get the idea.)

Anyway, during the chat, we were talking about epilogues and I said, I’d never had a an epilogue with any of my books. Then I remembered I had had an epilogue once. The original version of Private Property had an epilogue but my editor and I agreed it could be cut.  A while after Private Property was released,  I shared with my newsletter subscribers the ‘deleted scene’ but promptly forgot all about it.   So I checked. It’s still up on the website … but you had to know the code to go find it. 

Want to see the original ending?  It’s right here.  Bear in mind that it’s unedited, since it was chopped from the book. 

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Treasure

  • Kaz Augustin

    That's "dog" in Polish, not the more generic "pet". Just like cat is "kotek", to use one of its conjugations.

    I don't have epilogues either. Not even a chopped one.

  • Leah Braemel

    Kaz: dang, it's supposed to be five, not dog. So much for that translation program.

    Host: enjoy reading!

  • Viv Arend

    **chuckles evilly**

    Spam word -refurdo-. See, colourful language is totally NOT my fault. It shows up everywhere!


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