Wow, Carina Press’ launch is only one week away.  As you’ve probably noticed on my sidebar, my guest blogger list is a bit more full than usual for this month.  Instead of hosting one guest a week, I’m going to be hosting a different author each weekday (and a couple Sundays as well.)  Most of my guests have books launching with Carina Press this month, authors such as Carrie Lofty, KS Augustin, Alice Gaines, Dee Tenorio, Kris Starr and Bonnie Dee–there’s such a long list!

And of course, the month wouldn’t be complete without Inez Kelley popping in for her fourth guest spot. Let’s see, so far she’s talked about whether the tips matched the lips, big butts and underwear, and one post included the picture of a dancing/smiling condom followed by a cartoon of a leather-wearing dominatrix. What’s next for her?

But since I like variety (and like to be an equal opportunity blogger) I’ve invited some old friends back to help me celebrate Texas Tangle’s release. Authors like Red Garnier (who gave me a review that inspired my tagline of “passionate, provocative and decadent” — I’ll tell you more when she visits) and Delilah Marvelle are also stopping by. Then there’s Cari Quinn and MJ Fredrick too.

Speaking of my sidebar, you may have noticed that I’ve put up a “Where’s Leah today” listing. Those are the places I’ll be blogging somewhere else. Some of the days, it’ll be a true blog swap with my guest bloggers so while they’re here on my blog, I’ll be over on theirs. Sometimes they’ll be here one day while I’ll be at their blog another date. But don’t worry, any day I am somewhere else, I’ll leave a note on my blog along with a link.

Carina Countdown Continues
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2 thoughts on “Carina Countdown Continues

  • May 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Ohh lots of fun! Can't wait!

  • May 31, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Sounds like ample opportunity for mischief and mayhem!!! Let the good times roll!

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