I had so much fun writing the three main characters of Texas Tangle, that when it came time to do a trailer, I thought they each deserved their own. That’s because they each have three very distinct personalities in my mind.

First there’s Dillon, who is very laid back, easy-going, will offer a hand up to anyone he comes by. So when Nikki comes home and finds her home stripped of everything she owns, he’s right there for her.  Not because he wants anything from her (though he’s always been sweet on her, he’d never abuse her trust.) 

Then there’s Brett who is dark and tortured but honourable to the core.  Dillon and his family saved when he was a boy, (you’ll have to read how) and he would do anything for them. Including giving up the possibility of winning the woman he’s dreamed about since one night in high school when they shared what could have been the start of an everlasting passion only to be torn apart.  (This is the debut of his video — I LOVE the music I found for this one, to me it’s so evocative of the passion yet sadness within him.)

 Finally, there’s the woman caught between them. Nikki Kimball had no idea Dillon liked her back in high school.  Or why Brett never asked her out after that single night of innocent passion.  She tried to do the right thing, by the boy who did ask her out, her parents, her brother, only to be let down every time. Ten years later, she’s finally kicked her cheating husband to the curb and reclaimed her life only to have her own brother steal everything she owns.

So three different videos — using almost the same graphics in each other, the words and point of view changes to reflect the characters. But it’s the music that speaks to me on these. It captures how I see each character’s personality — Dillon laid back and happy-go-lucky, Brett sad but passionate, Nikki – seeking peace in the comfort of home and loved ones. 

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?  (and don’t you think Curly did a fantastic job on them? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Dillon and Brett as little boys, don’t you?)

Oh, and once you’ve read Texas Tangle, does your opinion change? Come back and tell me then…

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  • Lori

    Congrats on release day, Leah!! So excited for you. Now I just need to find time to read this week!

  • Armenia

    I preferred the 3rd video trailer. The music and the description gave more to the feel of the three characters.

    Congrats, Leah. Nice job.

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