What’s Your Favorite Texas Tangle Scene? 1

I have an email that’s been sitting in my draft box for a week now, waiting on me choosing a short (as in 300 word long) excerpt from Texas Tangle.  But I’m having trouble choosing a short scene that’s sexy and but is short enough yet would make you want to read more.

So if you’ve read Texas Tangle, help me out. Tell me if there’s a section that stuck with you, that would make you read the book if you had to judge only by those 300 words. Something sexy preferably … and no more than 300 words.  If you can, leave the first line (not the entire excerpt) in the comments.

One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Texas Tangle Scene?

  • Victory Essex

    I would go with "“Watching both of you, being here, all three of us… “Dillon’s suggesting we have a threesome.”

    If you can edit out 42 words, I think this is a really good blurb. And it's HAWT.

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