Yup, that’s right. Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe is holding a blogiversary celebration. Today Blackraven’s giving away TWO copies of Texas Tangle, along with another Texas Tangle book bag and a Texas Tangle mouse pad. (Come on, think about it, a chance to run your hands over those guys all day long? How can you pass that up?)   Plus there’s a really steamy-hot excerpt — I will give you a warning that it’s definitely NSFW, so you may have to wait until you get home to read it!

But that’s okay because it’s open until 1:00 pm Central Standard Time Saturday, so get your butts over there. There is a small question you have to answer, but it’s a really simple one! 

Where do you go again?  Why, click right here

What’s that? There’s another Texas Tangle contest?