The delicious scent of…a monster? 2

While I’m baking Thanksgiving dinner and getting on a tryptophan high, I thought I’d share this. Remember those Old Spice commercials with the guy on the horse? Look who got in on the act…

2 thoughts on “The delicious scent of…a monster?

  • Laney4

    Hi, Leah.

    I enjoyed that so much that I Googled to find out more about the original commercial.

    Here's an interview with the guys who created the commercial, so you see the actual commercial throughout. I thought it was interesting how they made this commercial, step by step, and thought you might enjoy it too.

  • Val

    heh heh…
    My boy fell for all that marketing, so we now have Old Spice body wash & deodorant (a lil' too young for shaving cream) – but I have to admit, that guy is HOT!

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