I’m back. Did you miss me?

Oh, okay, so I’ve only been gone a day. Just over 24 hours.  Gizmo Guy had a special something or other he had to do in another town over night so it would have been dangerous for him to try to drive home overnight. So he booked a hotel room and invited me to come stay in the room while he worked.  It was a lovely room in a converted warehouse in the downtown of Peterborough. It had 12 or 15 foot high ceilings, lots of space, a jet tub, and since it was on the ground floor a private patio. It even had a very romantic fireplace.

It would have been a very romantic night. Except Gizmo Guy wasn’t there. That does tend to put a crimp in a romance. (Yes, I can hear you joking about how it is possible for one person to…yeah, we’ll leave it unsaid, shall we?)

It might also have been better if the bed hadn’t sort of sloped to one side so I always felt like I was rolling to the far edge. Or if the mattress hadn’t been as hard as a rock. Or if the fireplace was the method of heating the room so in the mdidle of the night you’d wake when the the fire clicked on and lit up the whole room.

But being away, having no worries about having to clean up or feeding the boys and doing the inevitable dishes afterward set up an quiet yearning in me. To go somewhere where I could sit on a patio with my laptop while warm breezes wafted over me, perhaps an ocean lapped just beyond. With maid service. And all the Daiquiris I can drink. Maybe somewhere like the Virgin Islands.


Or maybe I could stay in a castle in a room with a four poster bed, and a window that looks over fields of sheep beyond.

Dani and Sue, two of my critique partners overlooking Dallas

Unfortunately, it’ll probably be next summer before I can travel. I’m planning on visiting New York in June for the Romance Writers’ annual conference. And I’m looking around to see what other conferences I can/should go to as well.

One of my critique partners has suggested I go back to Texas, which I am seriously considering. Another suggested the Emerald City Writers conference out in Seattle, and yet another person suggested the conference in New Jersey. But for now I’ll just have to imagine myself somewhere else.

If you had unlimited funds and could go anywhere just to kick back and relax, where would you go?

Attack of the Travel Bug
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2 thoughts on “Attack of the Travel Bug

  • October 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Definitely, the island of Maui!

  • October 15, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Hawaii — do you know I've never been there before. I should add that to my list.

    I'd also like to go to New Zealand….so many places, so little …money 🙁

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