It’s been a rough November dealing with Curly’s pneumonia, Mom’s stroke, and Gizmo Guy’s neuropathy tests. So, knowing I was stressed out, Gizmo Guy sent me this joke and I figured I’d share it with you:

God: Men, what car you get in Heaven will depend on how faithful you were to your wives on Earth.

Man 1: Please God, I can’t count how many times I cheated on my wife. There were just too many beautiful women on Earth, and I had to have them all.

God: I am ashamed of you, my man, For that, I give you a run-down truck that barely moves.

Man 2: Dear God, please forgive me! I cheated on my wife once, just once! We were going through problems and I took the wrong turn. Please forgive me!

God: My man, I am ashamed of you too. But I will be kinder to you. For that, I give you a convertible BMW.

Man 3: Dear God, you will be so proud of me. I loved and worshiped my wife. I brought her roses everyday after work, I brought her gifts every anniversary, and we went traveling, and had dinner out 3 times a week, and…

God: Okay, my man, enough! I get the point. I am very proud of you! For that, I give you any car you desire!

Two weeks later Man 1 and 2 are driving on the freeway when they see Man 3 ahead of them, stopped in the middle of the road in his Black Jaguar.

Man 1 and 2: Hey Man! Why are you sitting in your car and crying your eyes out? You’re acting like some ungrateful bugger! Look at your car, man! What is your problem?!

Man 3: “I just saw my wife on rollerskates!”

A joke from Gizmo Guy
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2 thoughts on “A joke from Gizmo Guy

  • November 29, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    Ha, ha, ha! Nice joke 🙂

  • November 30, 2010 at 7:38 am

    HA HA HA!!!!

    in Germany

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