Monthly Archives: December 2010

Give a hug

My friend Vivian Arend is trying to keep the spirit of Christmas this year on her blog with her 12 Days of Giving posts.  Today she’s encouraging people to call someone and let them know you appreciate them.  As part of it, she’s giving away copies of books written by […]

Want to win a fireman? Or twelve? 5

It’s my second annual “Spot the Differences” contest.  The prize is the 2011 edition of the Toronto Firefighter calendar — the proceeds of the sales of the calendars support Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. (Princess Margaret Hospital is one of the premier cancer hospitals in the world.) They don’t ship […]

Snippet Saturday – Romance 1

Today’s topic is “romance” so I thought I’d give you another teaser into Deliberate Deceptions (I mentioned it’s coming out May 2011, didn’t I?)  This is the opening scene where you get to meet Chad and his wife Lauren.  I loved writing this scene because I tortured Chad by giving […]

Deadlines Done 4

Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger this week. BUT I’ve finished my developmental/copy edits for Tangled Past and got them in on time. (My editor said they rocked – squee!), and did the cover-art form for it as well, which was also on deadline. While I was trying to focus […]

Jenny Schwartz: Christmas Down Under 3

Hi Leah! I’m really enjoying this chance to blog about an Aussie Christmas. First, there’s no snow. Where I live, in Perth, it can be a scorching 40 degrees celsius, but that’s rare. Usually Christmas is just nicely hot. Perfect for a barbeque, a swim (not that I do. I […]

Want to win a copy of Private Property? 1

Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe is having a Christmas party and giving away prizes. If you head over to here before 6 p.m.(CST) tonight, you can still enter to win a copy of Private Property, the first in the Hauberk Protection series. Oh, and an update on the next in the Hauberk […]