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Meet Keri Stevens Every writer dreads the question, “Where do you get your ideas?” Especially in person. Especially at a microphone in front of many, many persons (if you are fortunate enough to be offered a microphone, that is). I don’t have a pat answer for that question, but I […]

Where Keri Stevens Gets Her Ideas

All sorts of things are going on today, so I’ve got a bunch of little things noted below: Carina Press is releasing three seasonal anthologies this week, Winter Wishes which is collection of paranormal stories, a contemporary anthology Naughty and Nice and His for the Holidays which is a GLBT […]

This and That. (These and those?)

I finished the first draft of the next in the Hauberk series a few days ago. This one is Troy’s and Sandy’s story (you haven’t met Troy yet–he’s mentioned in Personal Protection but doesn’t get a speaking part until Deliberate Deceptions.)  A big part of the story is Scott — […]

When “The End” is not the end

Today’s Saturday Snippet is “author’s choice” so I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into Deliberate Deceptions, the next in the Hauberk series which will be released in 2011. This is Chad’s story — Chad, you may remember from Personal Protection is Sam’s second-in-command at Hauberk Protection. There’s a […]

Snippet Saturday: Deliberate Deceptions

Over on Facebook, Dana Marie Bell posted a note about the 15 Fictional Characters that have influenced her and tagged me to do it next. I figured it was an interesting topic and thought I’d share my list here too. Here were her instructions: Don’t take too long to think […]

15 Fictional (Influential) Characters

Is It Real? When I started writing Falling, Freestyle, I had a few goals. I wanted to have a contemporary love story set during the winter in the mountains. It was going to include skiing, or snowboarding, and I wanted to write a friends-to-lovers situation. What ended up happening has […]

Vivian Arend: Is It Real?