For Christians, today’s the twelfth day of Christmas — the day the wise men arrived at the stable and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. According to my mother, that means it’s also the day to take down any Christmas decorations or face all sorts of bad luck.

All my adult life, thanks to Mom’s reminders, I’ve assiduously ensured that my decorations are down by this magical date.  We took our tree down on the weekend, though I discovered a stuffed Garfield Santa toy in the living room yesterday. So I snatched it up and stuck it away to prevent bad-luck from falling on our household this year.

Mom is also a proponent of saying “white rabbits” three times before you speak to anyone on the first day of each month. I usually speak to Gizmo Guy before I remember to say white rabbits most months. Because he got up so much earlier than I did on New Year’s Day, I did remember and managed to say them this month. (We’d gone to bed at ten, so it wasn’t that I’d slept in due to overindulgence or anything.)

There’s also the tossing of spilled salt over your right shoulder, and the fear of seven years bad luck if a mirror is broken. And yes, I give a nickel to anyone who might give me scissors or knives as a gift in order to preserve the friendship that might be ‘cut’ as a result.

There are more weird obscure ones too. Like not looking at a new moon through glass. I think mom used to tell me you were supposed to greet the new moon too by saying “Good evening, New Moon.” Again, three times seems to be the charm. 

I doubt any of these rituals actually bring luck — good or bad — upon me or anyone in my household, but still, I do them “just in case.”

Which reminds me, an ornament I cross-stitched years ago has been hanging in the window of the family room for years just because it’s so pretty I don’t want to take it down. It doesn’t scream Christmas, so I justify it that it’s not ‘technically’ a Christmas ornament. But considering all the health crises the family has had in the past three years, maybe I should take it down today.

Got any superstitions you’re adamant about following? Or ones you’ve heard that make you laugh?

Very Superstitious

2 thoughts on “Very Superstitious

  • January 6, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Oh no, the decorations must still be up today, or the wisemen cannot find the baby Jesus!! (Talk about superstitions. LOL)

    Actually, I generally go with whichever weekend is closest to Epiphany (12th night, 12th day, whatever), and which one I have more free time.

    So tonight our Christmas lights will still light up brightly. Tomorrow night? Yeah, not so much.

  • January 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I am not superstitious.

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