I’m running behind! And I want your help to keep me on track.

Back at the first of November, I set a personal deadline of the end of this month for finishing the next installment in the Hauberk series. Life decided to throw a couple challenges (or more) in my way. Ten days later, my mother had a stroke and I lost a week of writing time. Still, I managed to finish the first draft the first week of December, one week late.

In December, I figured I should probably spend some time buying my family some Christmas presents, and even spend some time with my family while they were home for their holidays. One of my editors must have heard me say this to them because she sent not one, but TWO sets of edits, one due a couple days before Christmas, and one due New Year’s Day. I prevailed and got them both done. But it meant I didn’t get to work on Troy’s story as much as I wanted.

On Friday I posted on Facebook that the day had been a day of interruptions. I had two IM sessions open with two critique partners, my son Guitar Hero walked into the office about something or other, Gizmo Guy walked in a minute later carrying Spike and promptly set down the cat on my desk in front of my monitor and proceeded to join in the conversation. That pretty much describes the entire month of January. Constant. Interruptions.

I have managed to get a second draft done, but I need one more pass before I can send it out to my critique partners, and thence to my editor for her approval.

So here’s where I am coming to you. I’m going to put a sign on my office saying “Enter at Risk of Death” and give everyone in my real-life the stink eye if they so much as think about turning that doorknob. But I also am having problems with distracting myself with all the fun stuff there is to do online. So if you see me on Twitter, or on Facebook between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., you have my permission to give me hell. Tell me to get off the net and get back to writing.

Crack that whip!

A Call to Crack the Whip
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    Ohhhhhh Are you sure????

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