Last week I mentioned making up some Romance Trading cards for my characters and asked for helping finding pictures that you thought looked like any of my heroes. (insert cricket noise chirping here). Today I’m flipping through the pages of each of my books looking for favorite quotes. I’m a little stuck because I’m trying to figure out if it’s a favorite saying the character uses, something he says that reflects who he is, or just MY favorite line related to them. For Brett for instance, I really want to use his “shitfuckdamn” but don’t figure that would go over well on a trading card 😉

Anyway, if you’ve read any of my books, are there any quotes from my characters or about my characters that jump to your mind? Let me know…

(The picture of Chad’s card is just a mockup. I think I’ll be changing the text but it’ll give you an idea of what one will look like. Or you can see other people’s cards here.)

Chad's trading card

What’s your favorite character quote?
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