Who was on your wall? 12

So what do a group of authors talk about when they get together for dinner?  Other than writing that is. Whose poster hung on your bedroom wall when you were growing up. (Bet you were thinking something a bit dirtier, weren’t you?)

I went out to dinner last night with Carina Press executive editor Angela James, and fellow writers  JK Coi, Christine d’Abo, Gina Gordon, Angela Scappatura and Meg McLelland last night. As usual when a group of writers get together we discussed a variety of subjects as well as oohing and aaahing over some very pretty covers of books Angela handed out. (I’m not sure if one of them is a secret or I’d share more.)  At one point, Meg McLelland mentioned how her daughter (who is 7) has decided she is going to marry Justin Beiber. Which led to a discussion about just who we crushed on when we were young.  Some of the following people just may have been on our walls when we were teens. Some of us are not going to admit to them publicly. 😀

David Cassidy, or perhaps it was Donny Osmond, may have graced someone’s walls. I’m not saying whose…

Did Jonathan Frakes aka William Ryker set someone’s heart to warpspeed?

I believe Richard Dean Anderson might have been mentioned…

So who are the heart throbs of the future?

Yup, Orlando Bloom was mentioned…

As was…

So who was on your walls? Fess up!

12 thoughts on “Who was on your wall?

  • Mandy Roth

    Bret Michaels from Poison,Warrant, The Karate Kid, Various VJs from MTV, Guns & Roses… the list goes on and is frankly embarrassing me so I’ll shut up now.

    • Leah Braemel

      That’s interesting Natasha, because my instinct is then to say…so you’re into crushes now, are you? Maybe that should be added to the question–who do you currently secretly fantasize about. I’m pretty sure one of the guests last night mentioned John Barrowman, who unfortunately for her, plays for the other team. Still it doesn’t stop her fantasies…

  • Lexxie Couper

    Harrison Ford. Specifically Indiana Jones Ford and Han Solo Ford (although there were a couple of John Book Fords and a Rick Deckard Fords as well *grin*)

    • Leah

      LOL, Wynter, looks like we’re about the same age (notice the other picture on that Tiger Beat magazine is Bobby?) (I think I owned that issue too)

  • Silvia Violet

    Tom Cruise as Maverick from Top Gun. Jon Bon Jovi and Brett Michaels.

    And if I still had a school locker right now, a pic of John Barrowman would definitely have the spot of honor on the door.

  • Leslie

    I had posters of Donny Osmond. Also the Bay City Rollers. Anyone remember them? They might have been the original “boy band”. LOL

    • Leah

      OMG the Bay City Rollers – yes, I do remember them. I, um, even may have danced to them with my first boyfriend. Maybe. *blushing*

  • MJ Fredrick

    Shaun Cassidy and John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard. I’m much older now and still have posters of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural, Orlando Bloom and Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Watchmen.

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