I woke up this morning to a Tweet that Pearl over at Pearl’s World of Romance had put up a review of Texas Tangle–she gave it an 8.5 “Great” on her scale. I really like Pearl’s reviews. She gives you snippets of her favorite scenes and her favorite lines, and I have to admit that she picked lines that were some of my favorites too.

It may seem strange to readers, and it even is a little strange to me but it took Pearl’s review to remind me how much I loved Texas Tangle. I mean,
I loved Texas Tangle, I loved getting to know Nikki and Brett and Dillon; I laughed and cried while I wrote their stories. But in the past year I’ve written three and a half books: Deliberate Deceptions, Tangled Past, and the next in the Hauberk series, which I’ve tentatively titled Hidden Heat. (for which I am waiting for the thumbs up or down from my editor at Samhain. Yes, I’m just as nervous about this submission as I was with my very first. Just because you get one book published doesn’t guarantee that you’ll automatically be given a contract for the second book, or the third or the fourth. Each one has to stand on its own merits.) The “half” is the new novella I’m writing with a whole new set of characters I’ve fallen in love with.

All of which means I have to admit that as much as I’d loved Texas Tangle, I’d forgotten a lot of it. Reading Pearl’s review and reading those lines and little snippets that she enjoyed was a blast from the past for me and made me fall in love with my characters all over again.

So, thank you, Pearl. Not only for your wonderful review but for making me smile at my own words and for making me remember the joy that I had creating those characters.

Hooking up with old friends

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  • April 20, 2011 at 9:48 am

    LOL! Leah. I agree, I love going back, although Texas Tangle is one of my favorites since it’s set down here in my neck of the woods!

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