The grass is green and I heard the first of the year’s lawnmowers starting up last week, the trees are in blossom, my tulips are about ready to flower as is the magnolia tree right outside my living room, the mercury is finally getting up into double digits (Celsius that is) and the sun has shone for three days running.  Beautiful, right? I wouldn’t know. I ‘m doing the headless chicken imitation in my cave of an office. Release months always get a little crazy — and considering I have a release in May AND in June it’s even crazier. There are guest blog posts to be written as well as interviews, advertising copy to ensure is sent, as well as the regular “write the next book” routine. Which is why I decided to add to my To-Do list by signing up to go to Lori Foster’s Reader Get Together next month.  Akk!

Now I have to add ordering swag, making sure I have clothes to wear and…what else, there’s something else I have to do too? Oh yeah, all that other stuff above.

All joking aside, I’m excited about going down to Cincinnati and meeting up with some people I’ve only seen as signatures here on my blog, or over on Twitter or Facebook. So if you’re in the vicinity of West Chester, Ohio, I’m heading your way on June 3 – 5.

May is heating up

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  • May 11, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    We’ll have a good Canadian contingent this year. My claim to fame was Mary G from Canada LOL. Now we’ll have a quartet at least.

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