Yesterday I showed you the pictures I used to inspire me while I was writing Deliberate Deceptions. Once my editor contracted the story, I was sent an art form that would define the story for the cover artist.  Here’s part of what I sent back…

    Hero description

  • Hero hair, eye and skin colour: Light brown hair, blue eyes, Caucasian skin colour
  • Hero’s age, height and build: mid 30s, six foot tall.  Former FBI agent but not overly muscled, think David Boreanz from Bones
  • Does the hero have any distinguishing tattoos, scars or marks: No but he is finicky about his clothes and always wears suits.
  • Is Hero a paranormal creature, i.e., vampire, shifter, alien, etc.: No
    Heroine description (or Hero 2 if this is an M/M)

  • Heroine’s hair, eye and skin colour: Blonde hair, eyes are grey, Caucasian
  • Heroine’s age, height and build: early 30s, 5’10”, for build think Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy. Fit, strong.
  • Does the Heroine have any distinguishing tattoos, scars or marks: No.
  • Is Heroine a paranormal creature, i.e., vampire, shifter, alien, etc.: No.

All right, so I know some people might argue with my description of David Boreanz — the man is seriously hot and muscled, but not like say Dwayne Johnson whom I’d pictured as Sam.

Anyway, back to the cover…the form also asked for a summary of the story and setting details, if there were any other special tokens or elements that should be included. Compared to some of the sheets I’ve turned in, I gave the cover artist precious little to work with.  So when Tera sent the rough draft of the cover, my jaw dropped at how perfectly Scott Carpenter (the cover artist) had captured my couple absolutely perfectly. Scott had made a notation about how I’d asked for the guy to be in a suit and I had to go look at my form and yup, there were several references. Go me, because I do not remember doing that. And kudos to Scott for picking it up and finding that picture. For me it is probably the sexiest cover of the 5 I currently have — but that might just be because I have a thing for guys in freshly pressed shirts and what might be hidden beneath. 😉

I love how the girl (whom I will always think of as Lauren) is holding her hand up as if to hold back her hair, but it’s also keeping him slightly away from her. And how Chad’s leaning down and “almost” kissing her, but not quite. Like he’s not sure whether he wants to close that final gap. Did you notice that he’s got a suit jacket slung over his shoulder? And then there’s that shirt again. No man titty. Yup, that’s so Chad too. For a stock photo it’s ticked every box I had. (Until you’ve gone looking for photos for trailers and such, you don’t realize just how much time can be lost looking at the thousands upon thousands of photos at the various stock photography sites.) Scott sure hit a home run in finding this photo. And then he played with it — zooming in to the couple to capture that “almost” moment, graying it to match the previous covers, giving it that gritty film noir feeling. (watch the trailer if you want to see what the original photo looked like)

I absolutely love this cover. Thanks Scott!

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3 thoughts on “Countdown: 3 days

  • May 14, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Gorgeous cover!

  • May 14, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    I so agree Scott does make some amazing covers!! I am so excited it see you did another book in the series. These books are hot, love the story line and your characters are always so fun. Can’t wait for the release.

  • May 15, 2011 at 10:07 am

    I’ve been living under a rock, so I’ve missed the first two books in this series. No problem, I’m buying them today. I look forward in starting this series and I agree, the cover is wonderful.

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