One of my favorite cartoons back in the 90s was Pinky and the Brain (it started out as a skit on the Animaniacs, then gained its own show–it was better as a skit IMHO.)  My favorite episode is Pinky’s POV (Point of View) where you get an insight into his thinking process and suddenly the randomness of his speech all makes sense.

I feel like I’m Pinky today–the following thoughts are flitting through my mind this morning:

  • do I need more swag for Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together? Should I order more since I’ll be able to get them to the swag-bag packing now? but 400 of everything? Yikes, can I afford that? Will it yield a “return on investment”? (Before I got published, I’d never heard that term…)

which leads to grumbling:

  • Why didn’t someone tell me that to be a writer you also need a marketing degree?
  • Akk, I have two blog posts due before Tuesday — what the heck am I going to write those two posts about?(this is slowly coming to the forefront and pushing everything else out)

which leads to the self-recriminatory…

  • I’ve known about these posts for months, why am I leaving it to the last couple days? How did this happen?

which leads to pass-the-buck-blame game:

  • Why did Mom have to schedule the sale of her house for the very same week I’ve got a book releasing?

My thought stream then becomes random again…

  • I made coffee an hour ago. I really should get off my butt and get a cup.

I don’t get up to get it…(I still haven’t)

  • I really really really need to get back to writing my WIPs. Or should I take the advice of a couple NY pubbed authors and be writing a synopsis & three chapters to attract an agent in NY next month? If I don’t do that, once I’m done the novellas, what the heck do I write next?  The next in the Hauberk series? The next in the Tangle series?

Instead of working on any of the above, I answer an email to a friend about writing software, including screen captures of one of the programs I use to store my research. Email sent, my thoughts turn random again:

  • What the heck do I write next? (Yes, I realize I’ve already said that, but it’s on my mind a lot lately)

My elbow bumps my day-planner and I see my US credit card which brings me back to…

  • What do I need to buy wardrobe-wise for Lori Foster’s event? Shoes, right? New slacks and a couple tops? I need to go down to the mall, time’s running short.
  • At least it won’t be as dressy as NY, which reminds me…
  • What do I need to buy wardrobe-wise for RWA NY — shoes, definitely, especially something dressy for the RITAs and any cocktail parties.
  • But those shoes have to be comfortable as well as classy. Where the heck do I find them?
  • While I’m out shopping, I need to revamp my make-up…

I am SO not a girly-girl–I’ve scheduled my first ever mani-pedi …

  • at least I’ve already arranged the appointment for my nails.


  • shoot, that reminds me, I have to reschedule my mani-pedi since we bumped forward the day we leave for Cinci to the day I made my appt.

Randomness returns:

  • Make a note to take the Nissan in for a lube/oil/filter. (why does that sound dirty this morning?)

I look out the window and see the clouds getting darker…

  • I wonder if the rain will hold off until the boys are awake so they can cut the lawn…

I notice Guitar Hero’s truck is gone and revise that from boys to boy

  • I wonder when Guitar Hero goes back to work? Is it this week or next? (He’s been off since Feb on sick leave)
  • I wonder if Guitar Hero is well enough to go back to work? Well, I should make sure he’s the one to cut the grass this time since he left it to Curly to do the whole thing last time. If he’s well enough to go back to work, he darned well should be well enough to push a lawn mower around for a half hour.
  • I never did get that coffee…

Yup, off I wander…still wondering how the heck I can do better promotion for Deliberate Deceptions. My poor little book is getting shoved beneath the pile of everything else, and I really do think it’s my best to date…oh shoot, I should do something about mentioning that the first chapter is up on D. Renee Bagby/Zenobia Renquist’s site


Pinky’s–I mean Leah’s–POV
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  • May 22, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    “The next in the Tangle series?”

    This!! 🙂

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