I apologize in advance for the apostrophes but … I’m leaving for New York City on Sunday for the Romance Writers of America’s annual national conference, so I’ve been running around trying to spruce up my wardrobe. I’ve gone crazy! I went from owning two pair of shoes — a pair of walking shoes, and a pair of runners that are too old to even admit to, to owning 7 pair!! I now own a pair of espadrilles, several pairs of wedges, heels, flats; there are silver shoes, red shoes, multicolored shoes!!!

I even bought — O.M.G. – a DRESS! Do you know how long it’s been since I bought a dress instead of blue jeans? It’s been since 1996!!!! It’s a blast from the 1950s that even has a crinoline!!!!!

When did I become a girly-girl?

Anyway, now I have the very interesting task of fitting all those shoes plus a very fancy outfit for the Harlequin ball, and the dress for the RITA awards (do non-romance writers know what the RITAs are, by the way?), an outfit for the Harlequin PJ party, as well as more business (casual) like outfits for the literacy signing and all my other various appointments into a teeny tiny (okay, so it’s huge) suitcase. Should be fun, no?

I’m taking part in the Literacy Signing on Tuesday night — it’s open to the public, so if you’re anywhere near Times Square, stop in and say hi! But I’m not taking my laptop, only my iPad so I don’t know how successful I’ll be at blogging regularly for the coming week. Gizmo Guy is going with me and we’ve both got cameras so we’ll be taking lots of pictures, both of New York and of the authors I’ll be stalking meeting. Any authors who have been a guest on my blog, be warned, I’m going to come looking for you…

Oh, and if you’re waiting for me to send you something, we’re in the middle of a postal strike up here in Canada, so your package is still on my desk. I’ll get it into the mail once it starts moving again.

Silent but busy
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