Happy Canada Day 3

I think this is the first Canada Day I’ve not spent in Canada. Wonder if the New Yorkers will mind if I spontaneously start singing O Canada in the middle of Times Square…

And just for fun I can’t resist posting this fun video again ….

3 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  • Allie

    Did you see Jill Shalvis’s blog post the other day? The Naked Cowboy? 😉 Trust me, you won’t stick out. And I bet there are loads of people (of all nationalities!) who would join in. With their own version of the words, of course…

  • Leah Braemel

    Allie = I met The Naked Cowboy within the first five minutes of walking out of our hotel after arriving in NY! Um, got closer to him than I preferred. Not the type of cowboy I’d cast in one of my books 😉

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