If you want to see more pictures I took in New York, I’ve put them up in two albums on my Facebook page. In case anyone I took a picture of objects to FB’s new face recognition policy/database, I didn’t tag anyone but if you see a picture of yourself and want it tagged, feel free to tag it yourself. I also divided the pictures into an album for those specifically from the RWA conference, and the other album is for pictures of New York that I took while sightseeing.  I was in awe of the beautiful architecture, especially the buildings from the art deco era and before with all the fancy stone carvings and interesting details.

And now I’m back at my desk and concentrating on writing again. While I’m writing a new series of three interconnected novellas unrelated to any of my other series, I’m plotting the next in the Hauberk series (Andy’s story).  Andy’s heroine Jazz is featured in the upcoming Hidden Heat and as my editor said to me in NY, her story is very gritty. I like gritty; I have trouble writing light. But those stories usually mean that I want to plot things out more to get the depth it deserves. And given what happens to Jazz in Hidden Heat I’m needing to talk to a few people to make sure I am not unrealistic in some of her reactions to Andy. So lots of research to do before I start writing any more on their story.

I’m also filling out the cover art form for the new print edition my editor is putting out combining Private Property and Deliberate Deceptions next spring. I am always afraid I’m either a) giving them too much information or, b) not giving them enough information. This one is more challenging because it asks for the descriptions of the characters and since it’s a combination of two books, there are two couples to describe. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.


Back to real life
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  • July 5, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    The pictures on your Facebook look great..It is nice to hear you had a great time…Good luck to getting back to normal..It is always hard to get back to life when one goes away….

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