A while back I mentioned that my editor at Samhain is bundling Private Property together with Deliberate Deceptions into a print book that will come out next spring. Last week, she sent me a cover art form for the artists to work from as they create a new cover for the print copy–trouble was I had to save the form under the book’s title. Uh…what was the title? I put a poll up on my FB author page with some suggestions and luckily you agreed with my favorite choice, as did my editor. So the new book will be called Private Deceptions. Yes, a non-alliterative Hauberk title! *gasp*

A long time ago I said I’d jump into the Romance Trading Card group — here’s an example of the first one which was designed by Book Graphics (aka the lovely @Bridgemama over on Twitter). (The poor woman had to deal with me constantly changing my mind — but she patiently persevered and I love the result.)

RTC: Deliberate Deceptions, Chad

If you’d like one, drop me a line and I’ll put you on the list for the mail outs. (I’ll also be having Bridgemama design more for me for my other heroes too.)

And now for the reason you probably are checking out the blog — I asked a question on Saturday about whether you want me to bring back guest bloggers and promised to give away a copy of Personal Protection to one lucky commenter. For the record, five people weighed in on the matter saying they liked reading guest bloggers and I liked hosting them too so I’m going to start hosting guests again though I will set it up slightly differently administratively than I did last time. And now for the winner … I’m going to give away a copy of Personal Protection to everyone who took the time to comment. (See? It pays to comment!) So, Diane, Willa, Heather, and Robyn – email me at Contest AT LeahBraemel DOT com with your choice of format and I’ll get it right out to you. Estella — I want to make sure you get something too, so are there any of my books you don’t have that you’d like? Email me — we’ll talk.

A title, a card, and a winner
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  • July 11, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Oooh – how wonderful – a reward for yakking (one of the things I do best!) 😀

    Trots off to email you . . . .

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