I’m ba-ack. Wow, that week went fast. But did it ever give me the break I need. I walked on the sandy beach, and sat on the porch and listened to the wind in the trees while herons and terns flew overhead.  I got a bit of a sunburn on my face the very first day when I fell asleep out there. Ooops — there was something about all that fresh air that had both Gizmo Guy and I napping at least three times a day.  We even went swimming, although not in the lake — it was too weedy. But there was a lovely pool and the water was the perfect temperature. Oh, and while you guys were all sweating, even an hour south — where I was, there were some times it was so chilly I had to break out my sweater.  I loved it!

I also indulged myself and managed to read a half dozen books by other authors. (I’d taken my Kindle as well as about 8 paperbacks.)  I managed to sneak in the time to finish Lauren Dane’s Wolf Unbound (Cascadia Wolves), Jill Shalvis’ Slow Heat (Berkley Sensation)and her Animal Magnetism (Berkley Sensation). (All great books.) I didn’t just read — I also wrote. I worked on three different works-in-progress, including starting a short story I plan to give out for freebie here on my site around Christmas-time. It’s going to be a follow-up to Sam and Rosie from Personal Protection.

While I was away, a lot of my author loops have been abuzz with the news that if you’re a Kindle user and have bemoaned how you can’t get an author’s autograph on your e-copy, someone has come up with a method of allowing authors to personalize your copy. You can sign into Kindlegraph and request an author “sign” your Kindle copy. I’ve added all my books over there so you can request an autograph. My biggest challenge, LOL, is what to actually inscribe. I always feel like I need to come up with something snappy and funny. (My favorite inscription from an author is from Kathryn Smith — at an autograph signing in Dallas where she signed one of her Brother of Blood vampire books for me, she wrote “This book sucks” I didn’t read it until I was on the plane flying back from Dallas and at first thought “how weird she’d put down her own book” then slapped myself in the forehead and thought “Of course, it’s a vampire book! D’oh!”)  Oh to be so witty…

That went fast
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