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There’s an Indigo Girls song called “Southland in the Springtime,” and it contains a line in the chorus: “When God made me born a Yankee, he was foolin’.” That line resonates for me. Born and raised in upstate New York, only 90 minutes outside of Manhattan, I’m the quintessential Yankee. […]

Selah March: Food and Music from the Holler

As part of their “Cowboy Week,” Scorching Book Reviews has reviewed Tangled Past (at the time I’m writing this, I have no idea whether the review is good or bad — we’ll discover which together) and Day Dreaming Blog has interviewed me about my ideas of my “Perfect Hero.” There’s […]

Tangled Past–part of Cowboy Week at Scorching Book Reviews

Today’s Snippet Saturday is all about games. It could be a card game, a board game or a football game…or the games my characters play in the bedroom. So I knew exactly what scene I had to include…the scene from Private Property where Jodi is being told the rules of […]

Snippet Saturday: Games (My) People Play

Skyla Dawn Cameron posted this over on Google+ and I just had to share…I would so go to see this movie! (okay, so I changed the title — in the trailer it’s “Brokeback Twilight” but I prefer to think of it as Tangled Twilight, considering my own Tangled Past storyline […]

Tangled Twilight

Scorching Book Reviews and Daydrmzz Blog want to know — and they’ve gotten together to feature the creators of cowboy tales, including yours truly, starting tomorrow and through next week. (They’ll be featuring Tangled Past on Monday, so I’ll put up a reminder then too.) There are contests and reviews […]

Do you like cowboys?

There was this song my mom used to sing to me and my sister in our youth. I’m not going to write it out because it’s kind of graphic and highly traumatizing—seriously, I still cringe when I think about it—but the gist of the song is that you shouldn’t laugh […]

Chandra Ryan and the Winds of Change

Ideas are funny things. As a writer, I’ve often found that the best ideas have come when I’ve let things roll. Trying to box in and plot too much, or plan in advance doesn’t work for me. Even while on holidays I’m a more “go with the flow” kinda person. […]

Vivian Arend returns…in Australia!

Allison! Check out Anara’s website and choose which of her books from her backlist you’d like and then email me at contest @ without the spaces and let me know what format (Kindle, epub, PDF, etc.) you’d like as well as the book’s title. Congratulations again, and thanks everyone […]

Winner of Anara Bella’s contest

I saw this optical illusion over on Google+ — if you look at the set up of the room, and the way the lights are positioned, all I can think is that the “shadows” are painted on? Anyway, I’m still trying to figure it out… There’s a graphic representation along […]

Seeing is believing?

Leah here: Today’s guest is also a neighbor of mine. Before you read her post, make her fantastic recipe for crepes, or find the link to a very special exclusive excerpt, let me tell you a bit about how I met Anara. In one of those strange quirks of life, […]

Anara Bella: Hunks That Really Cook

Yesterday I was at the Toronto Romance Writers’ monthly meeting when I was approached by someone who asked: I bought your latest book but I don’t have a dedicated ereader.  How can I read it on my PC? Can you recommend a program? At the time I’d recommended Calibre but […]

Ebook Apps for Non-ebook Device Owners (or How do I ...

Public. But public what? Public speaking? Not hardly considering what I write.  How about a scene that should have been very private but became public with disastrous consequences? Sarah McLeod has overheard a plan by her stepfather and half-brother to rob the men who have just purchased her horses. She’s […]

Snippet Saturday: Public