I thought you’d like a sneak peek into the latest trading card — this one is for Mark Rodriguez, the hero of Private Property.

Romance trading card - Mark Rodriguez

Private Property Romance Trading Card

There’s a fair amount of work to them for both of us — her for combing through graphics to match my vague descriptions (if there’s no picture from the cover we can use.) I’m probably driving my designer a little nuts as a couple times I’ve made a choice then changed my mind as it didn’t look as good as I’d envisioned, but she’s being wonderfully patient. For me, I have to come up with a character description (that’s easy) along with a favorite quote, which turns out to be a lot harder than it should be. Although for Mark’s it was fairly obvious.

Next up is a card for Sam Watson, who stars in both Private Property and Personal Protection. (Any favorite quotes you have of his?) Then we’ll start on the cowboys from the Tangled series — there are four of them! By the way, if you requested one of Chad’s, I’ve got them all set to go and I will pop them in the mail this week.

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