Which of course means Gizmo Guy and I had to stop and visit for a while 😀

We drove through four States within about an hour — from Pennsylvania, through Maryland, then West Virginia, and into Virginia. (Maryland and West Virginia are actually big states, but they each have tiny slivers that edge into the space between Pennsylvania and Virginia that makes it a quick trip through them.)

We got off the highway a few miles south of the Virginia border and headed toward Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, then doubled back and did about forty miles along the Blue Ridge Parkway. For those of you who don’t remember my rant about the hotel elevators in NY, I’m afraid of heights, but I gave it a try. But really, whose bright idea was it to build a road at the TOP of a bunch of mountains? Of course most of the best views of the valley floors from the crest were on my side of the car–which meant I spent a lot of the trip with my eyes closed. Seriously, I was fed up with myself–the views were spectacular, but I think it was something to do with speed and the lack of any sort of walls to stop the Jeep from plunging over the edge and…yeah, see, that’s one of the problems with having a writers’ imagination.

Anyway, we then, um, got a little…well, not lost, we knew exactly where we were, but things we expected to find weren’t as we’d expected, or where we’d expected on occasion. So it took us until now to finally find a hotel room and settle in. Far far later than we’d hoped. I’ve taken lots of pictures of peaks and valleys until they were starting to all look alike. I’ll post some either if I can convince GG to let me use his computer to pull some of the photos off my camera, or when I get home.

I’m supposed to be memorizing the Law Enforcement creed but haven’t even pulled out the form yet. I foresee being drummed out of the police academy before I even started…

Virginia is for Lovers
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