We spent the last 3 days in Myrtle Beach — my first time there. Both GG and I loved it –especially thanks to @S_Muha’s advice to stick to the more northern end. She was completely right. We spent a fair bit of time walking along the strand, getting a teeny bit of a tan, and listening to the surf pound the shore. We also got to cross another state off our list — I think this makes #23 for me and maybe #29 for GG. I’ll have to count them up one day again.

We’re now back in North Carolina — and I’ve just registered in at the Writers’ Police Academy.  Unfortunately, unlike the cheaper hotels who offered free Wifi, this hotel charges $11 a day, and they charge per user, not per room. (Can we say “Moneygrab” ?)  And the hotel has glass elevators similar to those awful ones in NY. But at least I’m only a couple floors up and can handle it. After being on the tenth floor overlooking the ocean, I may have gotten used to heights a bit over the last couple of days. (yes, I’ve got swampland to sell anyone who believes that.)  Anyway, I have to head back downstairs in a few minutes as I won the “jail visit” lottery. (Is that considered a lottery to win?)  Anyway, they’re taking a few special members to a local jail for a tour. It sort of reminds me of being back in high school when our law class visited the local jail and got to see where they used to do the hangings. Yes, in Canada!

My days are filled from now until Sunday,especially Saturday when I participate in a Fire Arms Training Simulation (you know, like they put the cops through where they have to determine who to shoot?)  so I’ll probably not be around either here, FB or Twitter. But I’ll have lots to share when the course is over…

I haven’t forgotten the 18 & over contest — I’ll be announcing the winners soon.

Police! Stop! Drop the weapon!
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