I can’t believe it’s been a week since we got Seamus — yes, it appears that’s the name we are going with for the new puppy. I’d forgotten how a new puppy is basically the same amount of work as a baby. Even though we’d puppy-proofed our home as much as we could, I’ve been on constant alert as the little guy has managed to find everything he’s not supposed to get into. You’d think he was our baby the way I’ve been texting Gizmo Guy with news of his exploits through the day, inundating him with “He hit the paper! Whee!” and “He’s attacking my laces again, he’s so CUTE!” along with the requisite photos. (No, I don’t send him photos of the house training successes. Eeew)

He’s given us lots of laughs as his back legs don’t seem to get the same instructions as the front when he’s scrambling after a ball. (Gizmo Guy and Curly are insistent he learn how to fetch. Seamus will run after the ball, and bring it back but is content to sit and gnaw on it. He’s young yet though and they’ll teach him.)

I spent most of last week working from the family room with my laptop on my lap (is that redundant?) guarding the cable from an puppy very interested in gnawing on it. Or gnawing on my feet. Or the newspapers. The cinder block wall of the patio. Anything but his chew toys, and usually everything he’s not supposed to chew.
Over the weekend I decided I needed to stop letting him set the schedule, so yesterday I put my prized hardwood floors at risk and brought him up to my office. (Oh, all right, I spread a whole bunch of pads over the floor in the hopes he’d hit them not the hardwood.)Turned out I should have brought him up from the very start, since he decided that it was more comfortable to sleep in his crate instead of the hard floor and has instantly bonded with his crate.
Upside down seems to be his favorite position …

We had a big break through last night when he slept through the entire night, something I’d read he wouldn’t do until he was about 16 weeks (he’s 10 weeks old this week) Of course, there’s no guarantee he’ll sleep straight through again tonight, but I’m hopeful. Since he slept through the night, you’d think I’d be well rested, but unfortunately my brain kept me up waiting and listening for when he awoke. Which he didn’t. But now he’s napping in his crate and I am pulling open my Word doc to keep writing some of the thoughts that occurred to me last night on three separate stories.

All is right in the Braemel world. Especially with a cutie like this guy, all dressed up and waiting to go out…

Too cute
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