Christmas is over, New Year’s too, Gizmo Guy has gone back to work so I can get back to my regular schedule. Well, not quite yet.

I confess, my Christmas tree is still up — I wanted to take it down yesterday but it didn’t get done.  Since we switched from a live tree to an artificial, we started putting it up in early December, but this year Seamus’s arrival interrupted our plans and the tree didn’t get put up until a week before Christmas. So I feel sort of weird about having Curly drag all the ornament boxes back upstairs after just having gone through it 2 weeks ago.

The holidays were lovely — Guitar Hero didn’t even raid my refrigerator for all the Christmas dinner leftovers this time! Seamus had his first puppy trim so we could see he actually had eyes!

And I allowed myself to curl up with a good dozen books and just read, something I don’t get enough time to do these days. I grabbed a couple old favorites from my Keeper shelf, along with handfuls off my To Be Read shelf.  I think my tastes have changed since one of my “go-to” keepers may end up being moved down a shelf after having re-read it. It was a historical, written back in the 90s, by one of my favorite authors.  I’ve recommended it tons of times as my favorite historical but this time, I didn’t enjoy it. I found the prose overwrought and I had to skip over the first love scene since the author’s lack of knowledge about a virgin’s anatomy makes me grind my teeth.  Unfortunately the next historical I picked up, a recent release that came highly recommended both by a good friend and Publisher’s Weekly, had the same effect. Of course, it didn’t stop me from buying the next two books in the series (though I bought the next two in digital format so as not to clutter my shelves.)

Our sons have been bugging us for years to watch Firefly with Canadian actor Nathan Fillion; my editors have also told me what brilliant writing it is that I really should watch it. So Gizmo Guy and I also finally gave in to all the pleas and pulled it up on Netflix. Um. It’s okay — we’re up to episode ten which means we’re nearly finished the series, but neither of us were blown away by it. I like Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal, I like Jayne’s grumpiness, and Inara and Zoe’s confidence. But frankly I don’t see evidence of brilliant writing. It’s okay, just not brilliant. (Though I will grant you it’s better than a lot of cr*p that’s being put on the television schedule these days.)

I felt the same way about the first four episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another series I’ve been urged numerous times to watch because it’s such fantastic writing. Um, sorry, but I don’t see it, in fact I forced myself to suffer through the cheesiness of those first four episodes before I threw in the towel. If it made it as long as it did, I’m surprised Firefly got canned as quickly because Firefly, IMHO, is superior to Buffy. But neither impressed me as anything special. If someone wants to enlighten me about what is so fantastic about it, feel free…

I’ve ploughed through a ton of paperwork — like drawing up a new spreadsheet for my 2012 taxes. (Shudder!) and re-upped my membership of several writing groups. (While grumbling about having to come up with money while my bank account is still whimpering over the holiday presents draining it.)

And yesterday I got my edits back from my editor for Perfect Proposal, which is perfect timing because now I have a quiet house to work on them.  Which fits in perfectly with my goals for 2012.

Back to work
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  • January 6, 2012 at 11:20 am

    The first season of Buffy is weak, compared to the rest. No question. But it has its moments, and would be worth watching. I’ve always enjoyed Whedon’s dialogue.

    Glad to know you’re enjoying Firefly. I’d give Buffy another shot if you can help it. Maybe start with Season 2 and go back. Nothing too spoilery to know about.

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