I finally found a photo I liked for the cover of Sam and Rosie’s short story Perfect Proposal and…Wow. Just wow! I love how this turned out.

The Samhain Hauberk covers are in a lovely film noir style, that ties the series together. When you look at one book cover, when you see another you’ll know they’re part of the same series. Not to mention I love how the black and white really makes the red in the title pop. But I wanted my readers to know that, like First Night, though this is a Hauberk story, it’s an “extra” story that you should be able to read without having read the other books. I didn’t want readers to think that I am deliberately trying to trick them into thinking this is a Samhain published book. (Though I’ve had it professionally edited so you’ll be getting the best I can give you.) So I’ve kept the same font in the title and for my name, but instead of turning it into a black and white cover, I decided to keep the original photo’s warmth.

I’ve gone through my editor’s edits, and am now formatting the manuscript for Amazon and Smashwords so you can easily download it to your favorite e-reader. (OMG, it is so much work to self-publish, it sure makes me appreciate having a publisher like Samhain and Carina who get to worry about all this stuff. Not only is there editing and cover art to worry about, then there’s the formatting, and tax forms to fill out too!)

Hopefully within a week or so, you’ll be able to read how Sam finally proposes to Rosie. Oh and for those who are saying, “but I’ve not read any of your Hauberk stories; I don’t know these people,” you should be able to understand the story without having read Private Property or Personal Protection. But be prepared to fall in love with Sam (the way Rosie has) and want to read more. 😉

A sneak peek

2 thoughts on “A sneak peek

  • January 6, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Awesome cover.Can’t wait to read this.

  • January 16, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Beeeutiful, Leah.

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