My contest for a $10 Amazon gift certificate is still on — tell me here about how your SO proposed. Or if you’ve not had one, tell me what your fantasy proposal is. Or did you do the proposing? Was it a surprise? Was there a bended knee involved?

Here are some other ways people have proposed…

(I’m not sure I wouldn’t have hit him for scaring the life out of me before I said yes.)

Got a favorite yet?

Then there’s this one that took 22 hours, and 2600 frames of stop motion photography. (Thanks to Sapphire from the Harlequin boards for pointing this one out to me.)

Or you can bring in the big guns and have the Old Spice Guy propose for you.

Don’t forget to enter my contest before it closes on Tuesday. Then go buy Perfect Proposal and find out what Sam has planned, and how he eventually ends up proposing to Rosie…

(**edited** for some reason, the stop motion video — video #4 — plays on my laptop, but won’t display on my iPhone or iPad. The coding is correct, so I’m assuming it’s some Apple related issue. If anyone has any ideas how to fix it, let me know.)

Are These Proposals Perfect?