Okay, in truth, I’ve never quite figured out what Mercury being in retrograde means, but whenever things start going off kilter in my life, that’s what people tell me has happened.

I should have suspected Mercury was going to be a pain in the patootie when I got a call from Guitar Hero asking me to make an appointment with our doctor ASAP. He’d just getting out of the emergency room, he told me. Oy, those are never words a mother wants to hear.  He’d hurt himself at work — his knee was swollen four times the usual size and hurt like a son-of-a-gun. According to the ER doc, the x-rays showed he’d blown out his MCL.  (I’ll admit, I had to Google what an MCL was — it’s a ligament on the side of the leg that holds the kneecap in place.)

Our doctor took a look at the x-rays and agreed, told Guitar Hero to stay off his leg for at least a week and then they’d “see”. Whatever that means.

I swear Seamus is affected by Mercury too as his behavior has gone backwards since last Friday.  He’s stopped sleeping through the night which makes the whole household grumpy. By last night, I  ended up taking him out in a snowstorm  wearing my pajamas and nightgown and Gizmo Guy’s boots because I was too tired to start pulling out my winter coat and wrestling with my own winter boots.

He’s having some issues during the day too — he’s getting incredibly fearful if he can’t see us and yaps incessantly until we return to his sight.   When I’m around, he’s cute and happy and a lovely bundle of fluff while I’m…well, not so cute and happy. Fluffy yes, but happy no.

Anyway, since he’s developed a dislike of my office, and I’ve developed a dislike of him constantly missing the pee pad in my office, I decided to take my laptop down to the family room and work from there. Things were zipping along nicely when the doorbell rang.  It had snowed a lot last night and we have a guy come around and shovel our driveway afterwards so I knew I needed to get the door to pay him.

As I stood up, I got tangled in the laptop cable and while I was trying to untangle myself, I ended up tripping over Seamus’ doggy blanket, as well as Seamus himself who was jumping around thinking my antics were great fun.  I twisted so I wouldn’t fall on the little guy and landed on one knee and one wrist, both of which are now sore. But the laptop is fine, thankfully.

To add insult to injury, tonight while I was eating dinner, I cracked a tooth — from the feel of it, it’s gone right down to the root, so now it looks like I’ll be facing a root canal and crown in the not-to-distant future.

Did I mention this all happened after receiving a note from my editor telling me to expect edits tonight and since we’re on a strict deadline, she needs them back much quicker than usual.  I’m going to be doing my edits with fingers crossed that my dentist will let me delay the root canal until after I’ve hit send and returned my edits.

So if you don’t see me around here for the next week…I’m hiding out from Mercury. That b!tch.




Is Mercury in Retrograde again?
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3 thoughts on “Is Mercury in Retrograde again?

  • January 31, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Oh dear. Hang in there.

  • February 1, 2012 at 7:24 am

    So apparently it is not Mercury that is in retrograde but Mars: “Well-placed, Mars endows powerful energy and an indomitable will to succeed, but when poorly placed can mean accidents, injuries, fits of anger, rage, warfare or other forms of violence, according to the inclinations of the sign and house concerned” according to http://www.astrologycom.com/marsret.html

  • February 1, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Oh man, poor you. It really has been one thing after another. My fingers are crossed that the tide has turned now and all will straighten out for you asap. =)

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