Cynthia d’Alba does the Texas Two Step

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Life Happens

My debut book, Texas Two Step, came out yesterday. I am a published author. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel. I made plans. I’ve worked so hard to get here and now?

Let me tell you about the Monday before my release. It’s about twelve to fifteen hours before the digital release of Texas Two Step. I’m in my motorhome. I don’t have a washer and dryer in my coach. The husband is down to a couple pairs of socks. I had no clean towels or wash cloths. My favorite pair of shorts are in the hamper. Doing the laundry was a necessity. I had to go to a public laundromat.

Hubby and I headed over about ten a.m. The place was packed. I could barely find an empty washer. I ended up with Big Buster, which holds twelve loads and Big Bertha, which holds 8 loads. I shoved everything I had into two washers, prayed I put in enough detergent, and fed $17.75 in quarters into the two machines. When it came time for dryers, there was a battle. Not enough dryers to go around. Of course I hip-checked all the old women out of the way to get to those dryers. But there was this one feisty woman…

Anyway three hours later when I got home, my dog had gotten sick on my new comforter. So it was back to the laundromat with my comforter and all the bed linens for another hour and a half.

Now you may be wondering why I tell you this. Here’s why…to quote John Lennon, Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

That what happen with both Olivia Montgomery Gentry and Mitch Landry, my heroine and hero from Texas Two Step. They had plans for their lives, their future. Unfortunately, life intervenes and everything changes.

Vanessa from Joyfully Reviewed gave Texas Two Step Five Stars. She said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Texas Two Step had Olivia moving on with her life after Mitch rather than staying celibate and hoping and waiting for him to come back.”

Texas Two Step opens six years after Mitch and Olivia break-up. If you want to go back to the beginning, to the night they met, their first date, their tragic split, I wrote Texas Two Step-The Prequel. It’s a great way to meet the stars of Texas Two Step.

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Snippet Saturday: Your choice

Today is Author’s Choice of Snippet … Since today is my eldest son’s birthday, I tried to find something relevant, but I don’t have any birthdays in my books. Something I may have to rectify in future books.

So I decided to make it Readers’ choice and put a call out on Twitter and Facebook — this snippet from Private Property was suggested by Slick Reads on FB.  So here you go…

You must be 18 years of age or older to read this.
Copyright © 2009 Leah Braemel
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

“Just read the letter. It’ll prove I’m who I say I am, and am doing what we were hired to do. Or if you don’t believe the letter is legit, call Mr. Rodriguez yourself.”

She rattled off Mark’s cell phone number while wondering why he still hadn’t responded over the headset.

When he unfolded the paper and started reading it, his eyebrows arched and his lips compressed into a controlled smirk.

My Sexual Fantasies.” His eyes flickered up and he grinned while Jodi narrowed her eyes, trying to figure his game. “Sounds like an interesting letter your boss wrote, sweet pea.”

…a wickedly delicious and daring story taken directly from most women’s fantasies… ~Shannon, The Romance Studio

Just what she needed—a smart-ass.

“Just read the damned thing,” she ground out.

“I am reading.” He unfolded the paper again. “My Sexual Fantasies. One, to try anal sex. Two, I want to be fucked by Mark while tied up and blindfol—”

What the hell? Jodi snatched the paper from him with a gasp and stared in horror at the list she had jokingly made for Mark.

“This is a mistake,” she stammered. “It was supposed to be the letter Mark—I mean Mr. Rodriguez had written explaining exactly how we’d breached security and his recommendations to make the estate safer.”

He chuckled and looked over his shoulder to the French doors. “Is that what it was supposed to say, Mr. Rodriguez?”

Jodi followed his gaze. The knapsack at his feet, Mark leaned against the doorframe, thumbs tucked into the belt of his jeans that rode low over his hips.

Tension drained like a plug had been pulled, Jodi sagged against the wall. Until she realized Mark was not out of breath, nor was he treating the other man with caution. In fact, he was downright relaxed and smiling. She straightened, vowing vengeance for his screwup with the list. And for not letting her know he was all right. And for not warning her someone was about to walk in on her. Not to mention the vibrator still buzzing away deep inside, driving her insane.

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BONUS: Want to know how Jodi and Mark started their no-strings-attached affair? Read First Night , an erotic short story. Read it online or download the PDF file for free.

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