Wow, it’s been an incredibly busy — and productive — week for me.  Edits done and sent back to one editor, a synopsis written and submitted to another. Seamus and all his antics dealt with, including his puppy classes and training. To top off a really good week, I had dinner with some writer friends on Friday night, which always makes me happy.

Also on Friday, I joined Pinterest.  It’s an interesting form of social media that like most other social media threatens to suck even more time from me. I’ll be collecting favorite quotes, images of guys I consider hero material, and all sorts of things. I like that I’ll be able to access it from any of my devices and plan to use it for collecting/saving some of the research I do too, so you may see some pretty strange and random things pinned on my boards. (I’ll group them into their own properly labelled boards.)

If you’re already there, just click on the link above or below, or the one over on my sidebar to find me and I’ll follow you back.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Aside from the potential time suckage dilemma, the only qualm I have about the boards is that if you link to any site that has an affiliate program, Pinterest inserts their own affiliate code into the link. What that means if you click on a link, say a book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and end up buying anything, Pinterest will get a % of the sale. You can read about here or here.  Now I’m not against affiliate links– I use them on this site too. And I have to remember that at the moment Pinterest is free and requires funding to keep their servers and programmers working. Perhaps they consider it a less intrusive way of making money than forcing ads onto your boards/pages. Which I have to say I appreciate. 😉

So what’s going on with your life? What’s sucking away your time?

Check marks on my to-do list, and more ways to waste my time
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