Some people’s kids 3

This weekend my eldest (Guitar Hero) came home to help celebrate his younger brother’s birthday. While we were talking, Guitar Hero’s girlfriend mentioned how GH had tried on a pair of Harry Potter-like glasses for a lark. It reminded me of a picture I’d put up on my personal FB page of him when he was about 8 in the era when large glasses were en vogue. It had been a fight to get him to wear his glasses and I was constantly finding them at home when he was supposed to be wearing them at school but I persevered — after all those glasses weren’t paid for by insurance, and since his dad and I both wear glasses, I couldn’t imagine NOT wearing them when they make your vision better. (He doesn’t wear glasses anymore, by the way.)

So he told me this weekend that he’d never really needed glasses. That he used to lie at the optometrist’s — telling him wrong letters on the chart, and then later when the optometrist would put that machine where they test out lenses in front of him and flip back the choices — when he was asked “Which is better, one or two?” he’d lie and say whatever came into his head.

Did you hear the sound of my head hitting the desk?

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