You first met Sam Watson in Private Property when he turned the tables on his friend Mark to teach him a lesson about how to treat your girlfriend. Then you met Sam again in his own story Personal Protection as he fell for Rosie Ramos. Sam returned in January to get down on one knee in the middle of slush-filled street to propose to Rosie to cement their Happy-Ever-After in Perfect Proposal.

Now Scorching Book Reviews has asked Sam to participate in their Blind Date event. It’s nothing new for Sam — he regularly participates in a charity bachelor auction (guess now he’s proposed to Rosie, that’ll have to change). But this time he needs your vote — because he’s going head to head with New York Times’ Bestselling Vivian Arend’s Matt Coleman. Talk about going up against a heavy-hitter. So help Sam out — vote for him as your favorite Blind Date.

Sam needs your support!
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