Don’t forget there are only two days left to download your FREE copy of Private Property for your Kindle, Nook or Sony. Or you can download your choice of format from the Samhain store.

I’ve added a “Hauberk Protection Primer” page under the Extras tab. It contains a short history of how Sam started Hauberk along with a couple of org charts so you can get a visual idea of how Hauberk is set up and the various services they provide. There’s also a description of what a Hauberk is, along with some terminology definitions, and some random bits of research that made it into the series. Let me know if there’s anything else from the series you’d like discussed/clarified.

And since Google has made the Google Friends connect widget no longer work on anything other than Blogger Blogs, I took it off my sidebar a while ago. Unfortunately I’ve not found anything that’ll replace it other than Networked Blogs, which I’d ended up deleting last year when I switched from Blogspot to WordPress but I think that’s only good if you follow the blog via FB.  (I think–anything to do with FB confuses me.)

A reminder, and a primer