How the heck did it get to be Friday already? I seriously went through Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday — I didn’t discover my mistake until Thursday morning when Gizmo Guy set me straight. In addition to promoting Private Property, updating my website (I added a Hauberk Primer page), and dealing with a sick puppy (we’re not sure what exactly is wrong, but Seamus is getting better thanks to the antibiotics the vet put him on), I’ve also been buried under all the receipts that I pretended didn’t exist ignored over last year and finally entered them on the spreadsheet my accountant requires from me. I wish I could say I was done, but there are a couple I still need to round up — believe it or not, Gizmo Guy even looked in the garage for one of the most important receipts (it was in the bag I kept in the car with the maps/tour guides when we went to North Carolina. Naturally enough now we cannot find the bag, the maps or anything else.) But at least I have the amount it was for on my credit card bill. So like I did this time last year, I’ve sworn to always enter the receipts as I receive them. Let’s see how long that vow lasts.

Did I mention I hate numbers? I really want a T-shirt that says “I’m an author, I do words, not math.”

In between all that, I managed to write a bunch on a sekrit project. I’m almost done the first draft — it’s coming together really nicely. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but the paperwork hasn’t arrived yet so until then I’ll just have to tease you.

Free Orkut and My Space Thank You  Graphics Glitters I want to again thank everyone who helped me spread the news about Private Property being free for the first two weeks. If you downloaded it, thank you. (Have you read it yet?) If you liked it, feel free to spread the word, and even better, how about taking a gander at my other books? There’s First Night, a prequel to Private Property, right here on my website that you can download as a PDF for free, or read it online. Then, here comes the Blatant Self Promotion (it’s my webpage, so I can do that, right?) read Personal Protection, followed by Deliberate Deceptions, and if you’re on a roll, Hidden Heat, book 4 in the series, is available for pre-order for the Kindle. (I’ll let you know when it appears on Barnes & Noble’s pages.) If you like westerns, don’t miss my Texas Tangle or Tangled Past.

So what’s been going on with you?

End of the Week round-up and some BSP
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