Way back in 2008 just after I signed my first contract, everyone I talked to suggested I start a Yahoo loop to use as a newsletter, where only I could post. Later I realized lots of people didn’t want to sign up for newsletters that way, so I switched to an actual emailed newsletter and let the group languish. Then Facebook came along and I thought “that’s good — people can contact me there”, especially after they created the Facebook Pages. The one problem I have with Facebook is that it’s tough to find anything someone posted once it’s slipped off the page. As much as people have complained about FB’s new Timeline, I like the calendar to the side so you can flip to specific months’ posts. Still, it doesn’t make it easier to find any if someone has already asked the question, or if you’ve missed something I’ve posted.

Then I added the F.A.Q. page to this site and left comments open so you could ask questions there too.

Still, I kept eyeing that loop and wondering… So after putting out some feelers, I’ve opened it up so members can post or chat about whatever they’d like — my books or other author’s books, it’s all good. So if you want to go somewhere to ask questions about my books, or share a favorite read of another author — that’s fine with me too. (But it won’t be used to blatant promo by other authors. It’s to be a chat group only.) So if you want to just chat informally with me or other readers, you can join here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Leah_Braemel/

Chat loop open
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